About Academy

According to industry statistics Finland will have a shortage of 15 000 people with the right IT-skills by 2020. Traditional education institutes have struggled to solve this widening skills gap and that is why we have started Academy, a school providing Accelerated Learning Programs. We are building the skills that the industry needs while boosting careers of truly ambitious people.

How our programs work

Accelerated Learning Programs has so far been a success in the US with many satisfied clients and candidates. Based on the lessons learned from our US colleagues and workshops with some of the best teachers in the Nordics we’ve created a custom made curriculum tailored for the Nordic IT-industry. The education is conducted in boot camp style during three intense months. The participants are carefully chosen in a rigorous recruitment process, making sure they have the right abilities and motivation to go through with this incredibly intense education. During three months the participants learn object orientation, Java, webb, Git and databases. Besides the technical competence they also learn soft skills as project methods, presentation skills and agile methodologies.

After the program the participants have at least 500 hours of actual coding experience and are ready to take on the role as junior IT-consultants. Our appreciated ”try and hire” model gives our customers the opportunity to source future stars while maintaining full flexibility. 

So far we have focused our programs on IT and software development in particular. We do however firmly believe that the concept would be equally effective within other areas.

Please contact info@academy.fi if you have any questions.

the Road to academy

Follow the road to becoming an IT-consultant via Academy - step by step.
Logical, numerical and verbal test.
We measure if you have the right cognitive abilities.
Send in your CV and Motivational letter
Match the profile we are looking for? Your motivation weighs heavily in this step!
phone interview
A check regarding practical details.
Motivational test
We are curious about what drives you and motivates you in your work.
FAce to face Interview and reference checks
You meet one of our Academy Recruiters.
You are admitted to Academy.